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Improve Your Resume Using Numbers

To improve your chances of being considered the right person for the role, it’s important to tell the reader how you have created opportunities and solved problems in previous roles. One sure way to do this is by using numbers.

Are you looking to enhance your chances of landing your dream job? One effective way to stand out from the competition is by showcasing your ability to create opportunities and solve problems. And there’s no better way to do this than by incorporating numbers into your resume.

Quantify Your Achievements for Impact

Numbers are a powerful tool to provide concrete evidence of your capabilities. They paint a vivid picture of your experience, demonstrate the scope of your roles, and allow you to highlight the impact you’ve made.

By incorporating numbers into your resume, you can transform vague statements into impactful facts that showcase your accomplishments. For instance:

Assisted with retail sales Managed retail sales for a 200sqm store with an average of 120 customers per day
Wrote blogs to improve SEO Published 62, keyword optimised, blogs on career success resulting in a 25% increase in web traffic
Serviced existing accounts and helped establish new accounts Managed 75 customer accounts, onboarding an average of 2 new customers per week

Not only do numbers create persuasive proof points they are also entirely objective. The numbers help convince the reader of your experience and show how amazing you are. It’s one thing to say that you’re good at your job. It’s a much more convincing approach to demonstrate your skills using an objective measure of how you accomplished your work.

Harness the Power of Measurable Results

Numbers are not exclusive to leadership or sales roles. Almost every profession has measurable aspects that can highlight your performance. As a nurse, you can quantify the number of beds in your ward. Graphic designers can showcase the number of clients they collaborate with monthly. Teachers can highlight the number of students they’ve taught or the range of subjects covered. Retail professionals can demonstrate the store size, product count, or average daily footfall.

Here are some other opportunities to use numbers effectively:

  • Sales revenue and volume
  • Organised files or documents
  • Number of products or SKU’s managed
  • Outlets or premises overseen
  • Territory size or coverage
  • Distance travelled for work
  • Cost-saving initiatives
  • Client acquisition and retention rates
  • Employee count and turnover rates
  • Increases in page views, followers, and user engagement
  • Profit growth percentages
  • Customer reviews and satisfaction ratings
  • Resolved complaints
  • Billable hours
  • Workplace health and safety incidents
  • Reduced costs
  • Distributor networks
  • Event participation or attendance
  • Memberships or affiliations

Emphasise How You Achieved Results

Along with showing measurable results, it’s crucial to provide context on how you obtained those outcomes. Potential employers want to know the strategies, techniques, and skills you employed to get the outcomes. They’re interested in the creativity, innovation, and critical thinking that you use to get the job done. For example, let’s expand on the previous bullet points:

  • Reduced paper and printing costs by 90% through the introduction of cloud-based client forms.
  • Optimised distribution routes to reduce travel distance and save $1,200 in petrol a month.
  • Implemented toolbox talks and peer-led safety programs, leading to a 30% decrease in safety incidents.

Make Your Achievements Stand Out

To make your accomplishments shine, use numbers and symbols in your resume instead of written words. For example, replace “eight” with “8” and “percent” with “%.” This stylistic change captures the reader’s attention and emphasises your achievements.

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