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Mature Aged Workers

Mature Age Workers: Unlocking Opportunities for Job Seekers and Employers in Australia

Written by: Louise De Chiera, Successful Resumes South West Western Australia

Are you wondering what it means to be a mature age worker? As I sit here contemplating this question, I find myself in my mid-40s, reflecting on my own professional journey. Despite having worked for myself over the past seven years, I can’t help but acknowledge that I may fall into the mature age bracket. If I were to enter the labour market and apply for a new position, I would likely be considered a mature age candidate, competing against individuals from various age groups.

According to the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, mature age workers are generally classified as individuals over the age of 45. This means that you may spend a significant portion of your working life, approximately twenty-two years, as a mature age worker until retirement at 67. That’s not even taking into consideration that an increasing number of people are choosing to work well beyond the age of 67, extending their careers into their 70s.

If you are a mature age worker contemplating a job change or considering a career transition, it’s essential not to let age become a barrier. There is growing recognition of the value that mature age workers bring to organisations, prompting business owners, HR professionals, and recruiters to reconsider their perceptions.

As a young twenty-year-old starting my career, I learned invaluable skills from colleagues aged over 45. I am grateful for the knowledge and experience they passed on. As a mature age worker, you possess life experience and a diverse range of skills that can greatly contribute to a business.

Employing mature age workers offers numerous benefits:

  • Reliability and Work Ethic: Mature age workers, supported by an aging population, tend to lead longer and healthier lives. Studies conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission reveal that mature age workers take fewer sick or carer days compared to their younger counterparts. They are known for their reliability, loyalty, and strong work ethic.
  • Knowledge Retention: Due to their longer tenure with employers, mature age workers bring valuable knowledge and depth of experience to businesses. Their extended tenure ensures that vital organizational knowledge remains within the company.
  • Multigenerational Team Benefits: Research by the OECD highlights the advantages of having multigenerational teams, including a diverse range of skills and knowledge. A team with varied ages enhances organisational resilience and productivity. Mature age workers contribute to the transfer of knowledge to younger team members, fostering knowledge retention within the organization.

When applying for positions as a mature age worker, it’s important to communicate these advantages to prospective employers.

How to avoid age bias

Discrimination based on age, whether it’s favouring younger candidates or overlooking the skills and experience of mature age workers, can limit opportunities in the job market. Here are some simple tips to help avoid age bias during the recruitment process, consider the following tips:

  • Avoid including your age or date of birth on your resume.
  • Highlight the most recent ten years of work experience or roles that best showcase your skills to prospective employers.
  • Maintain confidence and don’t be discouraged by language that suggests a preference for younger candidates. Emphasise your skills and the benefits you bring to the role and organisation.
  • Showcase your mentoring experience throughout your career and illustrate how it can benefit the organisation you’re applying to.
  • Continuously update your skills to ensure they remain relevant and in line with industry demands.

Reach out for support

Jobs and SkillsWA offers support programs for mature age workers re-entering the workforce, including Skills Checkpoint, Skills and Training Incentives, and Work Bonuses that allow you to earn additional income without affecting pension payments.

At Successful Resumes, we understand the unique experiences and challenges faced by mature age workers. Our team of writers, most of whom fall into this category, can relate to your situation. Contact any of our writers today to help identify your skills and tailor a compelling resume and cover letter for your next application.

Ultimately, the mature age workforce presents a distinctive opportunity for both job seekers and employers in Australia.


Excerpt: Are you a mature age worker considering a job change or career transition? Don’t let age be a barrier to your success! Discover the benefits of employing mature age workers and how to avoid age bias during the recruitment process. At Successful Resumes, we understand your unique experiences and challenges, and our expert writers can tailor a compelling resume and cover letter to showcase your skills. Take advantage of the distinctive opportunities in the mature age workforce. Contact us today!


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