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Gaming in Recruitment

Are Game Based Assessments the Future of Recruitment

In a quest for the perfect employee, companies and recruiters are always looking for new ways to predict if a potential candidate is going to be a superstar employee. With prediction considered the ‘holy grail’ of recruitment, hiring managers and recruiters are now turning to game-based assessments to see if it can predict if someone will be successful.

What are game-based assessments?

Hailed as the next generation of psychometric assessment and powered by neuroscience, game-based assessments are pre-hire assessment tools that have been designed as interactive games. By taking the player (candidate) through a series of tasks, the behavioural assessments provide an objective, data-driven and bias-free way to assess a candidate’s fit for a role.

The game measures a player’s cognitive ability including logic, comprehension and multitasking, as they navigate through each level. The game then analyses how the candidate performed and provides feedback on whether the candidate is likely to be successful in the role. It takes into account factors like how the candidate naturally approach problems and reacts to changes in requirements, risk and uncertainty.

Why are they becoming more popular?

Decades of studies consistently show that cognitive ability is the best predictor of job performance. In fact in their study “The Validity and Utility of Selection Methods in Personnel Psychology: Practical and Theoretical Implications of 100 Years of Research Findings Schmidt, Oh, & Sha‑er found that cognitive ability was 6 times more predictive than years of education, four times more predictive than work experience and three times more predictive than reference checks.

With recent advances in data science, companies like HireVue have radically changed how cognitive ability can be measured. In less than 20 minutes, candidates engaging in game-based assessments provide thousands of data points from user interactions. The games record things like how long a candidate spends on a problem or when they second guess answers. Using data, it then determines which candidates have the highest potential to make an impact in the organisation.

Traditional psychometric testing is about as exciting as a trip to the dentist (and the bill to follow), whereas game-based assessments can make the user experience more fun and engaging. They are a more novel and accessible way for employers to assess your aptitude and personality traits.

How do you prepare?

The great news is that you don’t need to be an experienced gamer to perform well in game-based assessments. In fact, you don’t need any prior gaming experience at all. The employer will send you a link which will give you access to the game. You will play the game on your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

There is nothing you need to study or practice beforehand, but there are some important tips for having a great experience:

  • Make sure you read the instructions clearly. Don’t just jump straight in! Games are trying to measure many traits and one of them might be comprehension.
  • If you are doing the assessment on your phone, make sure you set it to do not disturb mode. It would be really disruptive to if calls or messages interrupted your session.
  • Seems obvious but make sure you do it in a quiet place where you can concentrate.
  • If you have a disability, it’s important to let the recruiter know so reasonable adjustments can be made in the systems.
  • Just be yourself and have fun. It’s a great way to see if the job might be a good fit for you. No one wants to be in a job they don’t like! If it turns out your skills are not right for the role you applied for, head back to the drawing board. Your personal attributes will be perfect for the right role!
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