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Success at Work

Why Success is Failing Us

Is it time to start valuing ourselves and others more effectively? Once upon a time…

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IT Resumes Australia

Why Your Next Role Should Be in Australia’s Growing Tech Industry

The Australian technology sector is entering an exciting period. The shift from a mining to…

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Resumes for Graduates

Kick Start Your Career – Resumes for Graduates and School Leavers

Your resume is your first chance to make a good impression with a potential employer.…

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Behavioural Interviews

How to Prepare for a Behavioural Interview

What is a Behavioural Job Interview? The purpose of a successful resume is to get…

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Resume Accomplishments

How to Track Your Work Accomplishments

Some say that career success is dependent on luck. Others say that we make our…

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Why Hybrid Resumes Are The Best Way To Showcase Your Potential

A hybrid resume, sometimes called a combination resume, is a contemporary resume format. It combines…

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Gaming in Recruitment

Are Game Based Assessments the Future of Recruitment

In a quest for the perfect employee, companies and recruiters are always looking for new…

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What’s the difference between a resume and a CV?

With Australians using resume and CV interchangeably, it’s no wonder there is a common perception…

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Tailoring Resumes

Why Tailoring Your Resume Can Help Land You The Job

If your job search strategy involves firing off the same resume and cover letter for…

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Soft Skills on Resumes and CV

Placing a value on personality – Why soft skills should be celebrated

In 2018, LinkedIn surveyed approximately 4,000 professionals. The aim was to find out how workplace…

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