Why Use a Professional resume writer?

professional resume writersIf you are like most people, your job represents your most important source of income and thus directly impacts your standard of living.  It’s also what you spend a large part of your waking hours doing.  Finding the right job – one you enjoy, one that motivates you and one that pays you fairly - is about the most important process in which you can be involved. 


Winning Jobs is Competitive

You need every advantage you can to stand out from the crowd.

Right now, thousands of people are applying for quite mundane jobs.  Often there are numerous people who meet the job specification, and possibly some who exceed it. Even when the job market is bouyant, there will be competition.  No longer is anyone a walk-in for any position.  “Near enough” is not good enough.


Most people don’t use professional writers, so that gives you an edge if they know what they are doing

A lot of people still write their own resumes.  Typically, these resumes are dreary, full of spelling and grammatical errors, they fail to clearly distinguish the person’s strengths and have all the reading excitement of a phone book. They also do not address the vital requirements of the now widely used recruitment industry software (Applicant Tracking Software or ATS). Without the knowledge to deal with this in your layout and construction, your resume will not be seen by a human being. Your time will have been wasted and you will not get an interview!

A professionally written resume is short, concise, clear, and tells an honest but interesting story about you.  You’ll stand out immediately.


Writing a good resume is difficult

Your resume must compress your entire job history, strengths, achievements, education and some indication of your character into just a 2 or 3 pages.

Writing a resume is more like writing an advertisement than a report. Every word counts.  Plus, it must be the right word that sends the right message.  Think of a resume as your personal sales brochure. How good are you at writing advertising and sales brochures?

You have less than 60 seconds to attract the interest of the person scanning through the pile of resumes.  After that yours is added to the “No thank-you” pile.  Employers don’t have time to wade through long rambling sentences and cannot be expected to “read between the lines”.  Anyone can write a long resume – it takes a lot of skill to write clearly, powerfully and yet concisely.


professional resume writer brings is objectivity

Professionals write more resumes than you do

However competent a writer you think you are (and really, very few people are as good as they think), you write a resume perhaps every couple of years.  Some people just keep extending the first resume they wrote when they left school with their latest job.  They don’t seem to appreciate that a resume that worked ten years ago is probably quite ineffective today.

A professional writes three to ten resumes per week.  They are much better at it than you are.



The most important value a professional resume writer brings is objectivity.  You know yourself back to front, inside out, warts and all.  But that’s not what a recruiter or employer sees.  Writing your own resume is like looking in the mirror and trying to cut your own hair.  It’s not that you can’t use scissors – you can’t see what you look like at the back.  It’s hard to operate from another perspective and in reverse.

Have you ever watched yourself on video and realised you have no idea what you look like to others? It’s extremely difficult to see yourself objectively from another person’s point of view.

A professional can stand back and see your strengths and the best way to present you now.  They are not influenced by how you used to be or by misconceptions you have about yourself.  They are concerned with presenting you at your best.

This objectivity is a key reason why successful companies hire advertising agencies.  A company knows their products well but they need someone objective to help communicate it to others.  It’s why musicians hire producers to arrange and create their songs.  It’s why you go to a professional hairdresser.  Objectivity is one reason why you ask other people’s opinions.


Get the career you wished forProfessionals know what employers look for

Professional resume writers know what recruiters and employers look for.  They understand the process of job search.  Writing resumes that get people interviews is their trade.


It’s an investment in your future

Your job is not just what you spend your life doing, it’s your major form of income.  Being out of work is income you can never recover.  Similarly, being stuck in a lower paying job also is money that you can never get back.

A professionally written resume is likely to cost from $250 to $600.  Putting  that in context, its one to two day’s pay.  That means that if a professionally written resume just helps you find a job faster than a do-it-yourself version, it’s already paid for itself.

Anything that helps you find the right job at a fair salary is worth considering.  Your job is your most important investment.  Often you have dedicated time and money to train and qualify in a chosen career.  Why, after taking years out of your life and possibly spending thousands of dollars on education, would you take a risk with a potentially mediocre resume when you get to the job hunt? Why, when you get to the most competitive element of your career progression, the job hunt, would you settle for second best for the sake of one to two days pay?

Using a professional to help you with your resume and job application is a sensible, financially logical approach that will give you an edge in the job search process.