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By working with a professional résumé writer, you give yourself the best chance of presenting yourself at your best and achieving job interviews. Work with Chris at Successful Resumes Melbourne North East – Monash/Glen Waverley for targeted and effective resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and selection criteria answers.

Why you need a professional resume writer

Using a professional résumé writer's skills and industry knowledge gives your résumé a competitive edge to make the best impression.

To be effective in the job market, you need to make your best impression and show why you are the best person for the role. Working with a professional résumé writer gives you your best chance to progress to the interview stage.

What does a successful resume look like?

A successful résumé shows a potential employer or recruiter the value that you can offer them. It is a high quality document that sets out your skills, qualities and experience and highlights your key achievements.

What about cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and selection criteria answers?

Most job applications these days require an effective cover letter targeted to the position. A strong cover letter encourages potential employers to spend more time considering your resume. Cover letters set out your motivation and interest in the role, as well as relevant industry expertise and skills.

In today’s job market, a powerful LinkedIn profile is an essential tool in your professional network. Recruiters and potential employers use LinkedIn to check you out as the first step of considering you for any new role. A good, solid LinkedIn profile will start working for you online right away and will cost you nothing. You can also choose to receive a weekly list of suitable jobs in your area from LinkedIn at no cost. We regard LinkedIn as extremely valuable for all job-seekers – especially if you are seeking a new role in a different area.

Selection criteria responses are complex key documents that are essential to career progression in the public sector (local, state and federal government, as well as universities and the public medical system). Clear, well-structured selection criteria responses increase an applicant's chance of reaching interview stage.

The basic process

Ring or email Chris on 0497 901 492 or send him an email at to get started on updating your résumé and revving up your career.

He works closely with each client to prepare the best résumé to reflect the applicant's skills, experiences and personal qualities.

In-depth phone consultation helps to determine where you have done up to now and where you want to go next professionally.

We craft a résumé to show that you are the answer to a recruiter or an employer's need. The résumé is sent to you in a Word document that is compliant with current technologies used to scan résumés.

Our extra value for you

What sets Chris apart is his focus on providing clients with high-quality documents to boost their chances and then following up with them to explore career possibilities and directions.

After Chris has prepared your résumé and made sure that you are fully satisfied, you will receive interview tips to help with the next stage of your job search. Chris also helps many clients with interview coaching, career discussion, tips, suggestions and what he likes to call 'balanced enthusiasm' in the form of pep talks and pragmatic advice.

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Profile - Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor has brought an extensive business and technical background to Successful Résumés. He is a qualified accountant and economist with more than 35 years’ broad commercial experience in building, construction, infrastructure and other industries. He has held senior management positions and has run his own consulting business for more than 20 years.

Chris understands and has worked with state and local government as well as private sector organisations, both large and small. He combines theoretical knowledge with strong practical experience and "know-how" and has the ability to communicate well with all levels of organisations.

He taught business studies at night at TAFE for thirteen years and is skilled at producing concise and clear technical reports.

Chris's experience on staff selection panels will also assist candidates to prepare their best presentations and resumes.

Find out more about Chris on LinkedIn. Give him a ring on 0497 901 492 or send him an email at .


The pricing


Graduate Résumé: $195 – apprentice, graduate or entry level
Professional Résumé: $295 to $365 – professionals
Executive Résumé: $395 – senior executive and C-suite positions


Tailored Cover Letter: $75
Letter of Introduction: $60

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria Responses: $25 to $35 per criteria answer

LinkedIn profile

Professional LinkedIn profile: $90

Coaching and Training

Interview Coaching: $75 per hour, including practice questions
Career Coaching: $75 per hour




"I have some amazing news. ...I was invited for a second round interview and they offered me the position. Using the skills you gave me in the Interview Tips document, but more importantly the guidance you gave me over the phone, was the key to my success. Not only that, with the cover letter and resume you provided, I also interviewed for another 2 jobs. One was a 2 stage interview process and the other had 3 stages. These other two companies also offered me positions! To make things even sweeter, I was offered ...[25% more]... on top of my asking salary... I believe you have been a key to my success and I cannot thank you enough!"

- Shayne


"Just wanted to say thanks again for the amazing resume and selection criteria. I got a call for an interview!"

- Andrea


"I'm really happy to say I have got an interview with SAPOL this week. This is the fastest close of applications to interview turn-around that I've ever been part of!! I'm very excited. This is my A job. Also it's full-time and ongoing. Thanks so much for all your great work."

- Martina


"Just touching base to say that I've now got three job offers out of the work that we did together on my résumé, cover letter and LinkedIn profile!! I'll take you up on your offer for a chat about a 'PeggyPlan' to help me work out my best career move from here. Getting all these job offers has been such a boost for my confidence and I now know that I'm a very valuable applicant."
- Peggy, Lawyer


"Hi Chris, thanks for all your help with preparing my résumé for my job interview with just two days to go! I know we had some technical problems (…lots!) and I really appreciate how you went above and beyond to deliver my new résumé in plenty of time for my interview, which went really well because of my new documents. I feel like I have a good chance at this promotion now. Thanks again!"
- Jessica, Community Services


"I have to say that you've done a brilliant job distilling all my information down to a very hard-hitting snapshot of my career and experience. As they say in the classics "you only get one chance at a first impression" – you have captured it perfectly. I am delighted with the end result. Thanks very much once again for a fantastic job."
- David, Chief Financial Officer

"Chris, I have submitted - thank you so much. I understand we didn't have adequate time to prepare but I'm certainly comfortable with the application that has been submitted. Thank you again."
- Lydia, Financial Services


"Hi Chris, thanks for your efforts with my resume and cover letter, you've turned me into the perfect candidate for the job!"
- Trish, Psychiatric Nurse


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