Letters of Praise to Successful Resumes

"Thank God for that. A smart, professional resume that reflects "me", what I've done, and what I'm about. The interview process was a critically important step and one that made me realise I was dealing with a person that was genuinely keen to understand me and my situation. I'm glad a Google search resulted in me finding Successful Resumes"

K. C. Marketer, Manager & Administrator, Victoria

Mature age clients are catered for by professional writers at Successful Resumes"I wrote my first CV with help from a coach. Despite having had considerable success in my previous job, I found I was making no progress with my applicationsusing this CV. When I found a job I very much wanted, I decided that I had to have a more effective CV. I found the Successful Resumes website and contacted Successful Resumes. We had a good telephone call lasting about 45 minutes and they had a better feel for me in that time than my coach had in three two hour meetings. Within 5 days, he sent me a draft which covered considerably more ground in a briefer space than my old CV. It captured my strengths without boasting, highlighted my competencies and presented me highly effectively to future employers. Within another three days we had a final copy. In addition to this, they helped me with my covering letter and my competency based application. All of this was done for about 5% of the cost of my coach. The CV has been very effective in getting me interviews and I have a job in a new area, the goal when I left my previous employment. Reinventing oneself is difficult since employers are highly conservative. Successful Resumes produced a CV highlighting my transferable skills and I am sure that without it, I should still be"

R. L. Investment Banker, London

"Seeing the SR ideas for my resume and job application develop was a positive and exhilarating experience. I now have a great looking resume and letter that I am proud to send out and don't feel it will let me down or short sell me. Thank you, it was great working with you and fun too. "

Tim L. Photographer, London

Successful Resumes assists students, people from non English speaking backgrounds, people with special needs"Thank you for taking care of my personal resume in such a prompt and professional manner. All I can say is you do fantastic work and know how to bring out the best! The group I am working with in Hong Kong and China reviewed my resume and said they admire the format and content. It is a pleasure to have met you and I sincerely thank you for a job well done. Keep up the excellent work."

Jerry Kaiser, Director of Sales - Asia Pacific / India

"I just thought I would send you an email to let you know I got the job as Training Consultant, and will be relocating to Perth. I was called within two hours of them receiving my resume, and when they organised for an interview they said they hoped I would be as good in person as I appeared on paper.Thanks again."

F.M. Sydney

"Thanks for your support, I got the job! - it was the words and presentation of the resume you wrote that got me the interview"

Andrew Pell, Sydney

"I was very pleased with the end result, and the fact that you did not merely write what I had given you verbatim, but that you re-structured it so that it was much more eye-catching and professional. The proof of this is that several employment agencies remembered my resume as soon as I mentioned my name. They said that they had seen many examples of Resumes which had been professionally written, but that mine was by far the best presented.

As soon as I began to send out the new resume I noticed far more positive and encouraging responses to my job applications, and within a short time I had secured a new position, as National Distribution Manager for a large chemical manufacturer."

We work with all levels of Business professionals at Successful ResumesPaul Petoud, Sydney

"I have just got the first job I applied for using your resume and application letter..it was a really good investment for me. I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts in writing and designing an excellent resume and letter package, I also found the interview tips leaflet very useful. I would recommend you to anyone."

Quyen Tran, Sydney

"For me, Successful Resumes key value add was the ability to write a resume designed to attract and hold the attention of the reader - to add 'hooks' to ensure it stands out from the mountain of resumes sitting on the HR manager's desk."


"Approximately 6 months ago you prepared Resumes and covering letters for my brother and I. We decided to use your services, to assist both of us in obtaining employment in the Business Services division of one of the "Big 6" Chartered Accounting firms.

Out of 13 Resumes sent, to both Chartered and commercial firms, I received 12 responses, 9 interviews and 6 job offers from firms such as KPMG, Ernst & Young, Westpac and Coopers & Lybrand. At the other extreme, my brother sent one resume to only one of the Big 6 firms, who immediately offered him the position of Senior Accountant in their Private Business division. I believe your skill in the preparation of the resume and its actual wording was invaluable in the process of obtaining employment with these prestigious firms."

Olivia M. Sydney