We know how to write a resume or curriculum vitae that delivers results - with the right structure, content and design. Our team of professional writers know what information employers are looking for and how they want it presented.

What is a successful resume?

resume writing for trades people, students, executives and professionalsA successful resume is one that blends your professional profile with your unique abilities. A document that clearly, concisely details who you are and what you have to offer. Most importantly, a successful resume must meet the needs of employers, recruiters and human resource professionals.

Your resume may be one of the most important documents you own, and must contain the right mix of information to sell you in the most effective and appropriate manner. Professional assets, achievements, extracts from references and a personal profile are all proven marketing tools we use to help achieve your employment goals.

Research shows that you have less than 60 seconds to convince a potential employer to read your resume in detail. We know you must make a convincing, strong impact to secure an interview.

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We emphasise that Successful Resumes is not a typing service. We do not use pre-populated forms or commercial templates to create your resume. Every resume we write is tailored to your individual needs, taking into careful consideration all the facts, the types of roles, the industry and the environment you are targeting.


Our resumes offer:

Every resume prepared by our team is a carefully personalised document. Our writers have many years of experience in diverse business areas and positions as employers, recruiters, media and public relations consultants, lawyers, accountants, teachers and copywriters.

You have a unique opportunity to make the right first impression and that's what we do for our clients: the first time, every time.

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Remember that employers need to know considerably more about you than your working history. Employees are selected on more than just their qualifications and experience, so we give employers what they need to make a positive decision, in your favour.