Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?resume writers cover letter writers, selection criteria and interview skills coachin

Successful Resumes provides an advanced, personal and professional service that involves extended face-to-face (or phone) interviews. We are not an on-line editing service. Our approach involves: researching, interviewing, analysing, drafting, reviewing with you, editing and packaging.

All our prices are based on a per hour time charge, with some discounts built in to our package prices.

The hourly rate varies according to the individual writer and may also vary according to the seniority of the client involved. For example a student, new graduate or unemployed person may, with some writers, attract a lower hourly rate as a form of concession. But you will need to discuss this with your chosen Successful Resumes writer.

When we first talk, we will discuss your work history and job search needs. From that we can give you a price based on how many hours we estimate the project will take. We always confirm this price before starting work with you and keep to this price.

As an indication, if you are a school leaver or junior employee, a CV will take a minimum of 2.5 to 3 hours. If you are a very senior executive with decades of experience and a complex work history, this work might take 6 hours or more.


What do you get when you pick a Successful Resumes writer?key selection criteria and cover letters

In short, you get more than a resume writer.

You will also immediately have on your team a caring professional who is going to listen to you, take the time to analyse your situation and develop strategies that will help present you to employers and recruiters at your very best.

While you will be working with the SR professional of your choice, you will have the total backup of the talent and skills of Australia’s largest and most experienced team of resume writers and employment service professionals.

All our people specialise in creating winning resumes to sell you. Some can help improve your skills at the interview, while others can assist you to build career direction through informal discussion or focused professional counselling.


Why shouldn't I write my own resume?

It’s like looking in the mirror and giving yourself a haircut! It can be done, but you may not get the best result, and you’ll end up with a disappointing outcome.

It's not easy to objectively write a dynamic resume. Sadly, a DIY attitude is completely misplaced in writing your own resume. Many who go it alone often end up with a disastrous result – they fail to get the job they’re aiming for, prevent themselves from progressing to more senior roles, or can’t facilitate a career change.

In other countries, professionally written CVs are the standard (particularly for higher-level positions). A professional resume writer can help you increase your employer appeal by developing your image and building your personal branding.

This is your career we’re talking about! How much are you saving if your applications keep getting passed over? How much money are you saving by being out of work for longer or being stuck in a lower paying job?

You’ve invested money and time (and time is money) in your career training. It’s worth investing a small amount in a professionally written resume too.