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Cover letters are sometimes more important than the resume or CV itself and should not be treated lightly. We know that some employers and recruiters value them as a critical part of your job application and while a few do not, you simply can’t afford to ignore them.

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A generic reply is not advised because most employers want to believe you are genuinely interested in working for them and a generic cover letter will look like exactly that! It is almost impossible to hide that fact.

However a great cover letter not only provides an introduction for your application, but it also allows you to tell an employer what it is about them that makes you want this job with their organisation. It should not be used to repeat information that is in your resume unless it is a very specific skill or experience that adds value to the job. It should not be just an edited down repeat of your resume.

Written specifically for a job or an employer a great cover letter also allows you demonstrate to the employer what you know about them and why it is important to you.

A great cover letter requires work and research to bring it all together!

Don’t forget that cover letters should be used to explain why you, the applicant, are the best possible fit for the role and draws together these key elements:

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