Successful Resumes Australia is growing fast.

We are looking for people in 2015 who are ready to discover the benefits and financial freedom of being your own boss and to join our professional team. Successful Resumes offers exclusive non franchise licensed business opportunities in areas across Australia.

The professional team or writers and consultants at Successful Resumes Australia, Successful Resumes Hong Kong, Successful Resumes America as well as in Singapore, the UK and New Zealand  are a collaborative group of highly trained and experienced professionals

We offer

  • A family friendly work life balance
  • Great flexibility in working hours
  • A fantastic work from home lifestyle
  • Creative and people focused work
  • Affordable entry price
  • Strong internet and social media marketing support to help generate customers
  • Low overheads and no stock to purchase
  • A track record of good returns on investment
  • Exclusive operating areas
  • Full training and ongoing support from committed Principals

and much more...



The business of writing resumes is a buoyant one, suffering from very few peaks and troughs, as more and more people understand that resumes are an essential and sophisticated marketing tool, and realise they need help from if they are to win in the highly competitive employment market.

It is also as recession proof as is it possible to be for a business.

Because in a tightening economy there are more retrenchments as employers look to cut costs as their business drops off. Consequently there are more people out of a job and looking for work.

Then we move into top gear as the phones ring hot and the emails roll in from potential clients. Making money as a business owner within the Successful Resumes Australia group is not hard once you have been trained by us.

In good times too more people move around from job to job as they carve out career paths for themselves.

 the only Australian based accreditation group for professional resume writers


Successful Resumes is an Australian based professional group who provide a consistently high standard of service. It is based on the philosophy that a successful resume is a strategic marketing document, creatively designed and intelligently written. Not just a typed up list of employment dates and tasks, as many so called resume writers tend to treat the exercise.

Our businesses have grown because we have been able to attract the right people to learn our unique and proven process.

They have then purchased an exclusive geographic territory where they operate independently, usually from home, under the Successful Resumes name, with ongoing support in marketing, creative and strategic problem solving and in the sharing of new products.

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Resume writing is a rewarding business