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The hunt for a job can be long and arduous. Aside from scouring the employment websites and having email alerts sent to your inbox 50,000 times a day, you need to make sure you are sending out the best representation of yourself. Your resume is the summation of your experience and education, and it should not only show that you have achieved in other roles, but also show why you would be perfect for the new one. This is where the professional writers at Successful Resumes come in.


Jenny Carlin | Successful Resumes Canberra

Jenny is a highly qualified professional writer, marketer and human resource specialist with a varied background in education, marketing, financial planning and senior management positions. With more than 20 years working with Successful Resumes, Jenny understands the importance of a dynamic and well-structured resume and application, and how important they are in obtaining that crucial interview with a prospective employer. Jenny combines her extensive experience in writing with strong understanding of today’s employment processes to provide her clients with the tools and advice they need to succeed. Jenny works effectively across all industries and knows exactly how to get results – by helping clients align their career goals with their capabilities and strengths that will land them a position that will meet their short and long term aspirations. An excellent working knowledge of the APSC’s Integrated Leadership System (ILS) is essential to Jenny’s ongoing work assisting APS staff and prospective staff at all levels with their resumes and selection criteria / applications.

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